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Conveyance, Deeds

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Guide to CIVIL Drafting with Model Forms

P K Majumdar

PKR: 800.00 PKR: 640

Law of Pleadings in India and Pakistan


PKR: 3,500.00 PKR: 2800

The Conveyancer

G.C. Mogha

PKR: 3,600.00 PKR: 2880

Guide to Deeds and Documentation

R K Gupta

PKR: 4,000.00 PKR: 3600

Art of Pleadings, Conveyancing and Drafting

Mustafa Subhani

PKR: 2,500.00 PKR: 2000

Art of Legal Drafting

Mohummed Abdul Basit

PKR: 1,500.00 PKR: 1350

Agreement to Sell

Anwar Ali Sanga

PKR: 1,000.00 PKR: 800

A Practical Approach to Litigation

Abdul Basit

PKR: 1,250.00 PKR: 1125

The Court Matter (Practice & Procedure)

Allah Nawaz Khan Khosa

PKR: 2,500.00 PKR: 2000

Law of Pleadings And Conveyancing with model Specimens

Mohummed Tahir Aziz Khan

PKR: 2,000.00 PKR: 1600

قانون عراںض نویسی ووثیقہ نویسی

Mohummed Tahir Aziz Khan

PKR: 2,000.00 PKR: 1600

Commercial Contracts

C. P. Thorpe, J. C. L. Bailey

PKR: 1,200.00 PKR: 960

Practical Guide To Drafting Commercial Contracts

Bhumesh Verma

PKR: 3,500.00 PKR: 3150