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Foreign Exchange Manual 2022

Tariq Najib Choudhry

PKR: 4,500.00 PKR: 4050

Law on Dishonour of Cheques

Nasim Sabir

PKR: 1,600.00 PKR: 1440

Manual of Banking Laws in Pakistan

Zafar Iqbal Mangan

PKR: 3,000.00 PKR: 2700

Manual of Negotiable Instruments Laws

Malik Shahid Iqbal

PKR: 800.00 PKR: 720

Money Exchange, Loans and RIBA

Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee

PKR: 825.00 PKR: 745

The Lease Financing in India

M Sree Lakshmi

PKR: 2,400.00 PKR: 2160

Glossary of Banking Terms

P K Mitra

PKR: 525

Law of Banks

Nadeem Shaukat

PKR: 2,250.00 PKR: 2025

Bankers' Practical Advances

Dr. Asrar H. Siddiqi

PKR: 1195

Practice and Law of Banking in Pakistan

Asrar H Siddiqui

PKR: 795

Islamic Finance (Meezan Bank Guide on ISLAMIC BANKING)

Dr. Mohummed Imran Ashraf Usmani

PKR: 1,390.00 PKR: 1300

Anti-Money Laundering, Benami Transactions and Foreign Exchange Laws

Syed Tauqeer Bukhari

PKR: 3,500.00 PKR: 3150

Manual of Financial Institutions Laws of Pakistan

Mohummed Irfan ul Haq

PKR: 2,000.00 PKR: 1800

Manual of Islamic Banking & Finance

Syed Afaq Ali

PKR: 1,200.00 PKR: 960

Manual of Banking Laws

Hassan Iqbal Warraich

PKR: 1,600.00 PKR: 1280

Civil & Criminal Remedies against DISHONOUR OF CHEQUE

Dr. Munir Ahmed

PKR: 2,500.00 PKR: 2250

New case law reference on Dishonour of Cheques

Hari Dev

PKR: 1,500.00 PKR: 1350


Dilbar Hassan Choudhry

PKR: 2,500.00 PKR: 2250