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Civil Laws

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سول میجر ایکٹس

S M Zafar

PKR: 10,000.00 PKR: 6000

مجموعہ ضابط دیوانی

M Iqbal

PKR: 2,000.00 PKR: 1800

The Law of Civil Procedure

Nadeem Shaukat

PKR: 9,000.00 PKR: 8100

High Court Rules and Orders

Mohsin Ehsan

PKR: 4,000.00 PKR: 3600

Guide to Civil Judges cum Judicial Magistrates

Mohsin Ehsan

PKR: 3,000.00 PKR: 2400

Code of Civil Procedure

Aamer Raza

PKR: 2,200.00 PKR: 1850

Code of Civil Procedure

Bare Act

PKR: 1,500.00 PKR: 1350

Supreme Court on Code of Civil Procedure 1908

Syed Kamal Ali Haider

PKR: 5,000.00 PKR: 4000

Access to Justice in Pakistan

Justice Fazal Karim

PKR: 4,800.00 PKR: 3950

Rights of Children in Pakistani Laws

Miqdad Mehdi

PKR: 1,200.00 PKR: 960

شہریوں کے حقوق و قوانین

Allah Nawaz Khan

PKR: 5,000.00 PKR: 4000

Civil Trial

M Farooq Khokhar

PKR: 1,250.00 PKR: 1125

Laws of Family Matters

Mian Mohummed Din Ashraf

PKR: 500.00 PKR: 450

Marvellous Complete Research on Law of Defamation

Mohummed Irfan ul Haq

PKR: 2,000.00 PKR: 1800

Guide for Civil Judges cum Judicial Magistrates

Prof. Waqar Ahmed Bhutta

PKR: 3,500.00 PKR: 2800

Manual of NADRA Laws (Along with Citizenship Laws)

Mohummed Irfan ul Haq

PKR: 3,200.00 PKR: 2880

Manual of Labour Laws in Pakistan

Faraz Ahmed Khan

PKR: 7,500.00 PKR: 6750

Manual of Railway Laws

Ali Ahmed Sabir

PKR: 2,000.00 PKR: 1800

Law of Injunctions

Umer Farooq Sial

PKR: 2,000.00 PKR: 1800