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Building / Land Laws

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Karachi Building and Town Planning Regulations, 2002 with Other Laws

Mohummed Asif Raza (Advocate High Court)

PKR: 3,500.00 PKR: 3000

Manual of Encroachment Laws

Raja Nadeem Haider

PKR: 1,000.00 PKR: 900

Illegal Dispossession Act, 2005

Mohummed Irfan ul Haq

PKR: 1,600.00 PKR: 1440

Manual of Land Revenue Laws

Mohummed Irfan ul Haq

PKR: 5,000.00 PKR: 4500

Land Revenue Dictionary

Umar Zarin Akhter

PKR: 1,200.00 PKR: 1080

Combined Set of Land Revenue Laws

Nazar Mohummed Laghari

PKR: 1,800.00 PKR: 1620

Land Records Manual

Atif Sattar Arieen

PKR: 2,800.00 PKR: 2500

Manual of Land Reforms Laws

Bashir Ahmed Qureshi

PKR: 4,000.00 PKR: 3600

Manual of Land Acquisition Laws

Isaac Ali Qazi

PKR: 5,000.00 PKR: 4000

Disputed Path

Umar Zarin Khattak

PKR: 3,000.00 PKR: 2700

Law of Mutation

Mohummed Anwar Khan

PKR: 3,000.00 PKR: 2700

Land Acquisition Act, 1894

Nazar Mohummed Laghari

PKR: 800.00 PKR: 720

Manual of Canal and Drainage Laws in Pakistan

Raja Farooq Aslam

PKR: 2,500.00 PKR: 2250

Sindh Katchi Abadis Laws

Zaka Ali

PKR: 900.00 PKR: 810

Laws of Sindh Irrigation & Water Management

Zaka Ali

PKR: 1,000.00 PKR: 900