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Building / Land Laws

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Land Records Manual

Mumtaz Faridi

PKR: 2,000.00 PKR: 1800

Laws of Sindh Irrigation & Water Management

Zaka Ali

PKR: 1,000.00 PKR: 900

Manual of Land Acquisition Laws

Choudhry M Hussain

PKR: 2,750.00 PKR: 2200

Manual of Land Reforms Laws

Bashir Ahmed Qureshi

PKR: 4,000.00 PKR: 3600

Manual of Land Revenue Laws in Pakistan with Commentary

Mobin Ahmed Siddiqui

PKR: 3,600.00 PKR: 3240

Sindh Katchi Abadis Laws

Zaka Ali

PKR: 900.00 PKR: 810

Sindh Village Manual

Zaka Ali

PKR: 2,000.00 PKR: 1800


Zaka Ali

PKR: 2,000.00 PKR: 1800

The Colony Pamphlet

Malikzada Hameed

PKR: 2,500.00 PKR: 2250

The Displaced Persons (Land Settlement) Act, 1958

M A Latif

PKR: 2,000.00 PKR: 1800

West Pakistan Buildings & Roads Department Code

Zaka Ali

PKR: 1,000.00 PKR: 900

The Sindh Disposal of Urban Land Ord, 1999

Zaka Ali

PKR: 200.00 PKR: 180

Manual of Evacuee Trusts and Evacuee Trust Properties Laws

Malik Saleem Iqbal Awan

PKR: 1,200.00 PKR: 1080

Manual of Partition Laws

Mohummed Khurram

PKR: 1,250.00 PKR: 1125