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Combined Set of Land Revenue Laws

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  • Author : Nazar Mohummed Laghari
  • Cover : Hard bound
  • Edition : 2020
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Applicable to the Province of SINDH

1. The Sindh Land-Revenue Act, 1967 and Sindh Land-Revenue Rules, 1968 as Applicable To the Province Of Sindh.
2. The Sindh Board Of Revenue Act, 1957 With The Sindh Board Of Revenue (Conduct Of Appeals And Revisions) Rules, 1959 And The West Pakistan Board Of Revenue (Conduct Of Meetings) Rules, 1959.
3. The Sindh Revenue Jurisdiction Act, 1876.
4. The Government Grants Act, 1895 (Xv of 1896)
5. Circulars Of Board Of Revenue Relating To: -
                (A) Notification No: 3/184/83-Rev-1 Dated 2-12-1984 Of The Board Of Revenue Sindh 
                      For Re-Writing Of Vf-Vii-A.
                (B) Fixation of Dates of Partal, Jamabandi and Bebaki.
                (C) Conversion of Agricultural Land to Non-Agricultural Land.
                (D) Mutation of Agricultural Land On Conversion for Non-Agricultural,
                (E) Mutation of Immoveable Property' On The Basis Of Oral Gifts According To
                      Muhammadan Law.
                (F) Applicability' Of Provision of Section 54, 59, 107, 118 And 123 Of Transfer of
                     Property Act, 1882 to the Province Of Sindh.
                (G) Conferment of Rights of Ownership.
                (H) Illegal Practice of Making Addition in Old Record without Allowing Fresh
                      Mutation (Letter Dated. 17-04-2015 Bor).
                (I) Standard Operating Procedure In Respect Of Entries In Record Of Right (Letter
                     Dated 05-07-2017 Of Bor)
                (J) Policy Guideline And Standard Operating Procedure (Sop) Regarding New
                     Entries In The Reconstructed Record Of Rights (Letter Dated 18-03-2020 Of Bor)
                (K) Significant Pronouncements Of Superior Courts Relating To The Revenue

1000 (PKR)
900 (PKR)