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Anti-Money Laundering, Benami Transactions and Foreign Exchange Laws

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  • Author : Syed Tauqeer Bukhari
  • Cover : Hard bound
  • Edition : 2022
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1. Anti-Money Laundering Act, 2010
2. Anti-Money Laundering Rules, 2008
3. Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, 2015
4. Anti-Money Laundering, Combating the Financing of Terrorism & Countering Proliferation Financing (AML/CFT/CPF) Regulations for State Bank of Pakistan Regulated Entities
5. SECP (Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism) Regulations, 2020
6. AML/CFT Sanctions Rules, 2020
7. Counter-Measures for High Risk Jurisdiction Rules, 2020
8. National Savings AML and CFT Supervisory Board (Powers and Functions) Rules 2020
9. National Savings (AML and CFT) Regulations, 2020
10. Pakistan Post (AML and CFT) Supervisory Board (Powers and Functions) Rules 2020
11. Pakistan Post (AML and CFT) Regulations, 2020
12. Federal Board of Revenue Anti Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Regulations for DNFBPs, 2020. 13. The DNFBPs (Regulatory Powers and Functions) Regulations, 2020
14. AML/CFT Guidelines on Risk Based Approach for SBP's Regulated Entities (SBP REs/DFIs/MFBs)
15. Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism Regulations for Chartered Accountants Reporting Firms
16. Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism Regulations for Cost and Management Accountants Reporting Firms
17. Reporting Requirements of Regulated Persons
18. Directive for Development of Detailed Procedure to Counter Potential Threat of Using Insurance Service for Money Laundering
19. SBP Guidelines on Targeted Financial Sanction (TFS) under UNSC Regulations
20. Guidelines for the Reporting Entities on Filing of Suspicious Transaction Reports
21. Guidelines for Reporting Suspicious Transaction Report (STRs) on Cancellation/Blockage of CNIC/Passports & Registrations/Licenses by the Authorities
22. Guidelines for Reporting Suspicious Transaction Report (STRs) on Designated/Proscribed Individuals/Entities and their Associates
23. Red Flag Indicators for Accountants
24. Red Flag Indicators for Jewellers & Precious Metals/Stones Dealers
25. Red Flag Indicators for Lawyers/ Notaries and Independent Legal Professionals
26. Red Flag Indicators for Real Estate Sector
27. Red Flag Indicators for Misuse of Legal Arrangements and NPOs Sector
28. Red Flag Indicators for Proliferation Financing


29. The Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 2017
30. The Benami Transaction Rules, 2019


31. Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1947
32. Foreign Exchange Rules. 1952
33. Adjudication Proceedings and Appeal Rules, 1988
34. Terms and Conditions of the Presiding Officers of Foreign Exchange Regulation Appellate Board
35. Foreign Exchange (Temporary Restrictions) Act, 1998
36. Foreign Exchange Repatriation Regulation, 1972
37. Foreign Exchange Loans (Rate of Exchange) Order, 1982
38 Foreign Exchange (Prevention of Payments) Act, 1972
39. Foreign Currency Accounts (Protection) Ordinance, 2001
40. Foreign Currency Accounts Rules, 2020


41. Assets Declaration Act, 2019
42. Assets Declaration (Procedure and Conditions) Rules, 2019
43. Voluntary Declaration of Domestic Assets Act, 2018
44. Foreign Assets (Declaration and Repatriation) Act, 2018
45. Government of Pakistan's US Dollars Denominated Amnesty Bonds Rules, 2018
46. Repatriation and Deposit of Tax on Foreign Assets (Declaration and Repatriation) Procedure, 2018
47. Foreign Assets (Declaration) Regulation, 1972


48. Payment Systems and Electronic Fund Transfers Act, 2007.
49. United Nations (Security Council) Act, 1948
50. United Nations Security Council (Freezing and Seizure) Order, 2019
51. Mutual legal Assistance (Criminal Matters) Act, 2020
52. Protection of Economic Reforms Act, 1992
53. Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act, 1976
54. Naya Pakistan Certificates Rules, 2020


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