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Practical Guide To Drafting Commercial Contracts

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  • Author : Bhumesh Verma
  • Cover : Hard bound
  • Edition : 2nd
  • Price : 3150
  • PKR: 3500
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Practical Guide to Drafting Commercial Contracts is a concise handbook enumerating the key aspects pertaining to drafting effective commercial agreements. Written in a lucid language, the author explains the factors that a draftsman must consider while drafting an agreement that clearly reflects the intent of the parties. A carefully drafted contract must be precise, comprehensive, devoid of contradictions, grammatically accurate and amenable to clear legal interpretation in case of disputes arising therefrom. Contract drafting is a crucial skill that every lawyer must acquire and hone.

With the intent to expand the scope of discussion on the various facets of contract negotiation and drafting, especially in this technology driven era, the second edition includes new chapters on e-contracts, damages, intellectual property rights and negotiation. The book also provides specimen drafts of contracts for key commercial transactions for ease of reference by readers. The book will be useful for lawyers, law students and non-lawyers.

3500 (PKR)
3150 (PKR)