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Sindh Industrial Relations Act, 2013 & Rules, 2021

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  • Author : Zaka Ali
  • Cover : Hard bound
  • Edition : 2022
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1. Short title, extent, application and commencement.
2. Definitions.
3. Trade unions and freedom of association
4. Application for registration
5. Requirements for application
6. Requirements for registration
7. Disqualification for being an office-bearer of a trade union
8. Registered trade union to maintain register
9. Registration
10. Transfer of office-bearer of trade union during pendency of application for registration
11. Certificate of registration
12. Cancellation of registration
13. Appeal against cancellation
14. Registrar of trade unions
15. Powers and functions of Registrar
16. Incorporation of registered trade union.
17. Unfair labour practices on the part of employers
18. Unfair labour practices on the part of workmen
19. Law of conspiracy limited in application
20. Immunity from civil suit in certain cases
21. Enforceability of agreement
22. Registration of federation of trade unions and confederation
23. Returns
24. Collective bargaining agent
25. Determination of collective bargaining unit
26. Appeals
27. Check off
28. Shop steward to act as link between labour and management
29. Workers Management Council
30. Inspector
31. Penalty for obstructing inspector
32. Penalty for contravening section 29 and 30
33. Redress of individual grievances
34. Negotiations relating to differences and disputes
35. Conciliator
36. Notice of strike or lock-out
37. Conciliation after notice of strike or lock-out
38. Proceedings before conciliator
39. Arbitration
40. Strike and lock-out
41. Strike or lock-out in public utility services.–
42. Application to Labour Court
43. Raising of industrial dispute by federation
44. Labour Court.
45. Procedure and powers of Labour Court
46. Awards and decisions of Labour Court.–
47. Labour Appellate Tribunal
48. Settlements and awards on whom binding
49. Effective date of settlement or award
50. Commencement and conclusion of proceedings
51. Certain matters to be kept confidential
52. Raising of industrial disputes
53. Prohibition on serving notice of strike or lock-out while proceedings are pending
54. Powers of Labour Court and Tribunal to prohibit strike
55. Illegal strike or lock-out
56. Procedure in case of illegal strike or lock-out
57. Conditions of service to remain unchanged while proceedings are pending
58. Removal of fixed assets.
59. Protection of certain persons
60. Representation of parties
61. Interpretation of settlement and awards
62. Recovery of money due from an employer under settlement or award
63. Performance of functions pending ascertainment of collective bargaining agent.
64. Penalty for unfair labour practices
65. Penalty for committing breach of settlement
66. Penalty for failing to implement settlement Etc etc

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