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Customs Tariff and Trade Controls 2021-2022

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  • Author : Tariq Najib Choudhry
  • Cover : Folder
  • Edition : 2021-2022
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    Manufacturer: Tariq Najib Choudhry

PART - I : Rates & Exemptions

► Customs Import Tariff with assessable rates on account of Exemption, Concession, FTA, Regulatory duty, Additional Customs Duty, Withholding Tax, Federal Excise Duty and Sales Tax.
► Duty and Taxes on Baggage.
► Index.
► General Levies and Exemptions etc.
► Supplement.

PART - II : Procedures Chronalogical Index to the Notification, Orders.

Section I. Duties under the Fifth Schedule to the Customs Act, 1969.
Section II. Exemptions and concessions on import of machinery and equipments.
Section III. Exemptions and concessions on import of raw material and components.
Section IV. Temporary import of goods.
Section V. Concessions relating to export processing zones.
Section VI. Assessment of motor vehicles.
Section VII. Other general and conditional exemptions.
Section VIII. Concessions & Exemptions under Agreements etc.
Section IX. Regulatory Duty.
Section X. Additional Customs Duty.
Section XI. Locally Manufactured Goods
Section XII. Customs Rules.
Section XIII. Miscellaneous notifications and orders regarding customs matters.
Section XIV. Reward Rules.
Section XV. Important provisions of Federal Excise Act, 2005.
Section XVI. Important provisions relating to Sales Tax.
Section XVII. Withholding Tax. *Supplement.

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