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Fundamentals of Practical Business Taxation Made Easy

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  • Author : M Iqbal Patel FCA
  • Cover : Hard bound
  • Edition : 2019-2020
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    Manufacturer: M Iqbal Patel

Commentaries on the Income Tax and Sales Tax Laws


1- Objectives, Taxation System and Historical background
2-Basic concepts of Taxation, Direct-Indirect Taxation
3- Ethics of Taxation for Taxpayers, Tax Practitioners & Tax implementing Authorities
4- Charge of Tax, Common Rules, Computation of Business, Property, Salary, Dividend, Profit on Debts, Other Sources & Capital Gains Income
5- Tax Evasion, Tax Avoidance and Canons of Taxation
6- Anti-Avoidance, Transfer Pricing and thin Capitalization
7- Different Exemptions and Concessions, Schedules
8- Setoff and Carried Forward Losses
9 -Taxation of Foreign Source Income, Credit against Foreign Tax and treatment of Foreign Loss of a Resident Person & Non-Resident Persons Double Taxation Treaties
10- Returns, Assessments and Appeals, Refunds
11- Records, Information Collection and Audit
12- Offences and Prosecutions
13- Scope and Payment of Sales Tax, Registration, Invoicing requirements and Returns etc
14- Apportionment, adjustment of Input Tax, Issuing Debit, Credit Notes, Blacklisting and Suspension
15- Appeals, ADR, Taxpayers Authorized Representative, recovery of Arrears, Adjudication and Special Audit and Other issues.

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